Before Shutdown, there was Swimming Places

As a student, I had the habit of falling asleep to the tune of a film at night time. For me, sleep was a time and a place in which you allowed yourself to go ‘swim places’ – a comfy, safe place that resides inside your head.

Swimming Places (Shutdown), 24th of September 2015 on Windows 8.1

The idea was to zone out, and allow myself to gradually fall asleep during a movie playing on my desktop computer.

That usually went as planned, until I woke up again by the pc’s ventilator.

And that usually meant: movie over, a bright screen, loss of sleep, back to reality – that not-so comfy, not-so safe place.

So, I had to get up and shut down my computer. After all, it was 2005 and wireless mice weren’t all that ubiquitous and cheap.

This Echternach procession lasted until the day I decided enough was enough.

The early days

So I decided to establish a nice green app that would automatically shut down the computer after a set time, preferably right after movie time. Enter Shutdown.

Or rather, before Shutdown was Shutdown, before Netflix-and-chill, there was “Swimming Places”, the app depicted above.

One of the first associations to the word ‘Swimming’ I had with the word ‘Fish’.

That, combined with my questionable ethics of days gone by, I stole a cute app icon depicting just that – a fish.

I congratulated myself, and baptized the app ‘Swimming Places’ in honour of that comfy, safe place inside our heads, but never released it, and just used it for myself.

And that, fam, was the very beginning of the Shutdown app we all came to know and appreciate.

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