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Since my last post, I have been coding on a personal project in my spare time. As the code grows, I noticed that some of it could be spun off into more generic building blocks that could be re-used in other apps. As an exercise, I separated those parts from the main application, then packaged and deployed them to where they can be of (some) use to other .NET 5 devs.

Since NuGet packages aren’t applications in their own right, they’re not much use to you if you’re not a C# developer. But if you’re a dev, here are some of the more interesting packages that may be of use to you (more to come):


An HTTP(S) client that supports rate limiting so that a polite integration with a third-party data provider can be implemented.

NuGet Gallery | BarbezDotEu.Provider 2.0.2 + hannesbarbez/BarbezDotEu.Provider (


An unofficial, modern, very much work-in-progress client for StockTwits APIs. It’s based on the BarbezDotEu.Provider package.

NuGet Gallery | BarbezDotEu.StockTwits 1.0.2 + hannesbarbez/BarbezDotEu.StockTwits (


An unofficial, modern, very much work-in-progress client for Alpha Vantage APIs – built on top of BarbezDotEu.Provider.

NuGet Gallery | BarbezDotEu.AlphaVantage 1.0.2 + hannesbarbez/BarbezDotEu.AlphaVantage (


Basic .NET Core license key generator and verifier library featuring TPL and async/await. You can read more about it, right here. Note however that, if you’re looking for a license key generator that is “uncrackable”, this is one is not for you. You can however consider using it as a base for your own license key generator, perhaps.

All code has been open-sourced on GitHub.

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