WinSAT for Windows 10

Free as in “free beer”

It has happened. All of our apps are now free – and still without advertising.

Shutdown and Experience Index System Assessment Tool have joined their Microsoft Store siblings in the realms of freedom.

If you use the latter to calculate your WinSAT score, please share it to its dedicated Twitter through the app.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, I’ve also added one more of my older applications to this site as well as to GitHub. Domain Nameserver Accuracy Checker is free both as in “free beer” as well as “free speech”.

Please show your appreciation by giving the apps a 5-star rating (if they’re nice to you)!

Enjoy. Cheerio!

PS: I’ve only hours ago set the apps as free, so they may still be advertised as ‘for money’ if you check right after this post is published. If that’s the case, check back in a couple of hours – good things come (at no cost) to those who wait.