WPF version of Experience Index System Assessment Tool showing scores

Open-sourcing Experience Index System Assessment Tool

The WPF version of Experience Index System Assessment Tool is now open source at GitHub, and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 – it was time.

Check out the repo at https://github.com/hannesbarbez/BarbezDotEu.WinSAT.Wpf.

A more extensive UWP version is available from the Microsoft Store via https://www.microsoft.com/p/experience-index-system-assessment-tool/9mt9h8ptp897.

2 thoughts on “Open-sourcing Experience Index System Assessment Tool”

  1. HI, I tried to use WEI app, but it didn’t work, when I started it it loaded a while then there was a dialogue box “The Assessment could not be started. Please restart your device, make sure it is connected to a power socket, then try again. Please contact us through http://www.barbez.eu if the issue persists”. I don’t understand: my computer is a desktop computer with permanent power supply, it is not a laptop. It has 64 bit architecture and has Windows 10 Pro. Version 1809.

    1. Hi Javlon. In this response, I’ll be assuming you’re talking about the app from the Microsoft Store (and not the WPF version that is the topic of this particular blog post).

      The Experience Index System Assessment Tool from the MS Store initiates the WinSAT tests and displays the results, yet the actual calculations are done by Windows.

      I’ve checked in the source code, and the error you get is due to the fact my app itself is getting an error back from the test results. In that sense, the error you get could’ve been misleading, but is there to allow to quickly address very common issues (such as laptop users running on battery power, which is unsupported by WinSAT).

      However, for your case, my guess would be that there’s a driver issue preventing the tests from completing. More specifically, could you check if you have installed the latest graphics card drivers? The WinSAT tests usually do not want to complete when the graphics driver in use is the default Microsoft Display Adapter driver.

      Hope it helps, best of luck – Hannes.

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