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Open-sourcing Screenshot One Pro


Well, I guess the time has come to also open-source our Screenshot One Pro app.

Leading up to this

The app, mainly developed during the course of 2015, has been further developed during subsequent years, and the plan is to continue doing so.

Released originally as a paying app in 2017 through Amazon as well as the Microsoft Store, the app became freely available in the first half of 2019.

And now, early-2020, the app is finally open-sourced under the MIT license over on GitHub:

The hope is that you find the app as well as its source insightful, if not useful.

The app remains free, ad-free, and functional going forward. You can download it through the MS Store from

Screenshot One Pro back in 2015 – called ‘Webpage Picture Time’, go figure 😉
Screenshot One Pro version 3.2
Screenshot One Pro version 3.2

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