Open-sourcing Theine

You guessed it. The WPF version of Theine is now open source at GitHub!

Story time.

The following tweet caught my attention. Turns out I was tagged in it.

“I have a laptop that does not have access to the Windows Store due to policies. Is there a way for me to get a download of Theine and get it installed outside of the Windows store”

Being the gentleman that I am, I replied.

“Hi Michael, currently not unfortunately. I am however considering open-sourcing Theine, so you can compile it on your own… But would need to clean the repo a bit first.”

2 days later, I did not clean up the repository, but did split off the core app code into its own repository.

Head over to hannesbarbez/BarbezDotEu.Theine.WPF: Home of the WPF version of the Theine app from the Microsoft Store. ( to get the goods. Or to file an issue. You’re welcome.


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