Screenshot One Multi-Platform

Proofs of concept

This page lists some of my proofs of concept. Experiments, if you will, that currently do not have binaries available for download – for one reason or another.

Screenshot One for Android

Back in 2017, I released an Android app alongside Screenshot One Pro and its Windows Mobile sibling, as well as a web variant.

Screenshot One for Windows Phone

The Screenshot One Windows Mobile phone app. Just like the web variant, the phone version called an API to render its screenshots server-side. The current Pro version – which is still available as freeware – does all its rendering on the user’s local machine.

Screenshot One Web

Screenshot One’s web variant, and a cousin to the projects listed above.

Domain Nameserver Accuracy Checker

Simply verify whether a list of domain name servers (DNS servers) finds the domains they should. From 2016.

License Key Generator

Decoupled, WinForms-based license key generator for apps. From 2016, revisited in Q3 2020.


Serving nostalgic purposes only.